Sun Mobility Rentals Customer Testimonials

I just returned from our trip to Orlando. I wanted to tell you that your service and product made my stay the best thing that has happened to me in many years.

We arrived at our hotel and the scooter was waiting for me, which after our plane trip was a total blessing!

When we were leaving Orlando, all we did was drop the scooter off with our Bellman, and not worry about anything else.

Please keep up the great service as it gives worry-free traveling to people like myself who could not embark on any kind of holiday!

I love you "Sun Mobility Rentals" Apr 27 2015
to Simon Brown, UK
Hi Simon

Just a quick feedback from you if you can spare a minute,
1. Were you satisfied with our service?
2. Would you do business with us again?
Thanks for the input and Best Regards. Mike

Simon Brown
2:57 PM (21 hours ago)
to me

Yes and Yes. it was first class. (where original review posted)

In December, we had a unique situation where we needed to rent an ECV last minute. My DH actually owns his own ECV (A Pride 10), and we usually travel with it. I pulled the camper down to Disney (Ft. Wilderness) and DH wasn´t planning on joining me for this trip. However, midway through the 2 week trip, he decided he wanted to come down for a few days. Since I had the truck, he couldn´t bring his ECV down in his car as it doesn´t fit. I called all the major companies and no one had any availability last minute, so did a web search and found Sun Mobility. They had availability and delivered a practically brand new Pride 9 ECV the next day to Fort Wilderness. It was waiting for us at the Outpost right on time. The cost was $124 for 4 days. The Pride 9 is not quite as fast as the Pride 10, but is still an excellent ECV and performed well during our stay. The battery charge held up almost as well as his Pride 10.

(The speed and battery power is important at Fort Wilderness as he drives the ECV around the campground instead of using the internal buses. The Fort is over a mile from one end to the other, so in addition to park touring, we have the extra driving around the Fort.)